When was the last time you made friendship bracelets? Well, it’s time to get knotting because I have 3 cheerful rainbow friendship bracelet designs made with the cutest box of yarn you ever did see!

American Yarns sent me one of their newest products to review – Crayola Yarn Box which contains 6 colors of mini yarn balls in a nostalgic Crayola branded box.

As soon as I saw a bright rainbow color selection, I knew it would be perfect for kid’s yarn crafts.

Each box comes neatly packed with 6 x 20g balls of yarn which conveniently center pulls to avoid tangling.

The yarn is 100% acrylic and is about 5-8ply weight.

Because it’s a small amount of yarn overall, I probably wouldn’t recommend it for crochet or knitting projects, as it won’t go far.

But if you are after small amounts of several colors for yarn craft projects like making pom poms, small weaving projects, or decorative yarn tassels, this box set is ideal!

I was inspired by the bold rainbow hues to try my hand at making some Rainbow Stripe Friendship Bracelets!

Emma had never made friendship bracelets, so I thought it was high time we had some quality crafting time together.

Using yarn instead of embroidery thread made knotting easier for a beginner.

She is very keen to make lots of these over the school holidays to give to her friends once school goes back!

How to make Friendship Bracelets

Once you know the basic knotting technique required to make friendship bracelets, you can create an endless amount of unique friendship bracelet patterns and designs.

This easy yarn craft is super portable and requires minimal supplies.

Most yarn or embroidery thread works fine for making friendship bracelets, but if you are just starting out, a thicker thread (like doubled over yarn) makes it easy to master this craft technique.

A clipboard is handy not only to secure the end of your yarn while you work but also to use as a flat working surface.

Alternatively, you can go ‘old school’ and use a safety pin to fasten the end of the bracelet into your jeans or a pillow.

I’ve included detailed instructions for making two fairly easy friendship bracelet designs, and have linked to explaining how to make a super fancy rainbow arc pattern if you want to challenge yourself.

I guarantee, once you get making, you’ll be hooked!

You will need:

  • Crayola Yarn Box (or yarn in 6 colors – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet)
  • Clipboard or safety pin
  • Scissors

Note: I’ve used doubled-up yarn (2 strands of yarn) for each color. For a less chunky bracelet, use one strand of yarn.

1. Cut 6 strands of yarn to measure about twice the length of your arm. It’s always good to have a little extra length.

2. Fold yarn in half and knot leaving a little loop.

3. Secure to the clipboard (or pin to secure), and separate yarn strands matching up color pairs in order left to right – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet. From now treat double yarn strand as one thread.

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